*When submitting the ticket through the Contact Us widget if you need more than one person cc'd on the ticket please just add those details in the body of the request to CC whoever you want and we will get them added.*

Steps on how to get there: 

  • Click on the black question mark at the top right-hand corner of the screen
  • It will ask you, "What do you need help with?" and you will click the, "I'm trying to do something and not sure how your app can help me do it." option
  • Once you click on that last option, it will open up a space for you to further explain your problem and in the blank that is labeled, "Tell us more about your request", this is where you will place the additional team member email addresses that you wish to CC on the email. 
  • After you have submitted, the Arsenal agency will create the ticket and will CC who you needed onto the email.